Yami Design Studio was launched in 2003. Customer services and your confidentiality are of prime importance to us. Our mission is to maintain high quality services, excellent value and affordable prices. We offer a wide variety of services including site development, customized graphics and logo/banner/stationery design.

Our designs are conceptually developed to our client's requirements. The browser should know the purpose of your Internet presence and exactly what you are offering. Your web site should provide your visitors with a comfortable and tasteful environment. It should be easy to navigate, and it should be obvious to them what your business is without them having to ask. We develop your site in such a way that it says trust, confidence and professionalism.

For the benefit of our viewers new to the internet, or wanting only a face-lift, we have "discount pricing on our services" from time to time. At present, our "static" package suits any business, or personal site that wants a small but quality web presence at a very economical price.

If you have any questions regarding Yami Design Studio, please contact us at your convenience via email, fax or phone.